Maya Hogan

I'm leading a bold transformation in clothing design through my collections, blending the vibrant essence of tattoo artistry, Greek
mythology, and a deep reverence for anatomy shaped by my parents' medical professions. With precision and passion, I'm refining techniques like intricate line work, strategic weight distribution, and subtle contouring to craft garments that defy norms while celebrating the beauty of the human form. Each
piece exudes a dynamic interplay between permanence and impermanence, infusing everyday wear with an undeniable sense of intrigue. Drawing from diverse
influences and rich narratives, I'm pioneering innovative approaches, such as temporary embellishments and bespoke craftsmanship, to push fashion boundaries forward. By fostering authenticity and breaking down barriers, I'm providing a
platform for individuals to confidently express themselves. Just as tattoos tell stories, my designs serve as personal narratives, empowering wearers to
boldly showcase their unique identities. In this dynamic fusion of creativity and heritage, I'm shaping fashion into a meaningful form of self-expression that resonates deeply with individuals.